Can Democrats Pay Attention?

The most ridiculous part of this whole filibuster thing is that we all know down to our toenails that, if things were reversed, and Republicans held a one seat majority in the Senate, that filibuster would already be gone. There would be no debate. There would be no hemming and hawing. It would be vaporized and they would do whatever they wanted to do.

It’s only been three weeks since a Republican-controlled Senate, and only two years since all three branches of the government were run by the Right. Exactly how many debates did they have in trying to compromise their goals to achieve bi-partisanship? None. So how about we stop wasting time trying to appease to a party that is as willing to get behind our policies as we were willing to get behind separating families at the border? There was no part of the Muslim Ban that we could ever get behind and there’s no part of environmental policy reform they will ever get behind if it’s a Democrat who authored it.

Obama made the same mistake with the ACA. He was so bent on the myth of bi-partisanship establishing that our ideas were legitimate that he opened the door to Republicans who have since admitted were never going to sign it and instead participated in the creation of the legislation in bad faith, intentionally doing whatever they could to neuter the bill either to the point in which it could never get off the ground or would be doomed to crash shortly after takeoff…and then created the often-repeated myth that no Republican even contributed to the thing. Obamacare, the recovery package, the Immigration Bill. Three times the Dems got duped by the Republicans and America got vitally-needed reforms kicked out of reach.

And and these tactics continued beyond the Obama administration. I know it was two impeachments ago, but the Republicans showed just how comfortable they were in making promises in bad faith with the bait and switch game they played on the Democrats to get them to vote to move the Senate impeachment trials along only to discover on the last day that the Republicans weren’t going to make good on their promise and allow evidence or witnesses in the proceedings after all.

So far, Biden seems to understand that, and he isn’t above serving the Republicans their just desserts. (See: Denied Supreme Court Justice/nominated Attorney General Merrick Garland. Another instance in which the Republicans showed through their actions that they will do anything and break any rule or norm to get what they want.) That gives me hope that this bipartisanship talk stops there once the Republicans attempt their old tricks to sabotage these desperately-needed initiatives.

What are we afraid of really? That if we remove the filibuster win we are no longer in power and the Republicans run the show, they do whatever they wanted with a one seat majority? Let me answer that question for you. They will. So our only option is to do anything and everything we can while we can. There’s no conceding a little here in the hopes that they will do the same when the tables have turned. They won’t. So how about we stop checking in on them to see if maybe they come around. They never will.

After a long time, the American people have handed the Democrats control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. How about we start governing like it?

Creator/Host Political Hyjinx, Former Anchor/Reporter Channel One News, Former performer Disney’s The Lion King, Musician, Writer, Dreamer, Optimist-ish.