I’ve Got a Deal for Donald Trump
Dave Pell

From one Australian’s perspective, Trump is just the craziest of a really bizarre bunch. I have been gobsmacked by the loopy positions and beliefs of all the GOP candidates on a range of issues. There are some pretty basic attributes we look for in a leader, such as the ability to even minimally think through the implications of what they are saying, global awareness (the world is more than the US), sensitivity to complex issues, knowledge of history, etc. etc., none of which are evident in Trump’s public statements. The world is a vastly more complicated beast than the simplistic rhetoric of the GOP mob would have you believe, and the solutions to massive global problems are similarly complex.

Most disturbing to me are the comments I read from ‘ordinary’ Americans that Trump being ‘different to the usual politicians’ is sufficient reason to vote for him. Yes, it reflects great cynicism and detachment of the populace from politics (we have that here too) but for goodness sake, what will the consequences be, for the US and the world? I think pretty dire unless he surrounds himself with much smarter people than him and/or the checks and balances of the US political system kick in.

As we often say in Australia, “Strewth, only in America!”. And then, he may not even get elected!

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