Just the Same

Jason Toney
May 21, 2017 · 3 min read

“Tell me what’s your plan, I wanna make it mine.” — James Junior

Last weekend marked our sixth wedding anniversary. In guided meditations about gratitude, you’re often asked to visualize moments when you have felt the most love, happiness, and peace. Invariably, I start and stay with our wedding reception, our wedding week, our many times in New Orleans.

They took down the statue of Robert E. Lee in NOLA yesterday. We’ve stayed in the hotel on the circle where it used to reside. We remarked on its presence. On his presence. On the presence of our awful history being celebrated as if it is worthy. I’m grateful for its departure and for how it has motivated me to get back to New Orleans, maybe before the end of the year.

Our anniversary festivities included the season opener of the WNBA champion LA Sparks and the start of the 21st year of the league. During that game, they revealed the championship banner in STAPLES Center. On Friday, they received their rings. The ring ceremony, and the jewelry itself, was something to behold and remember. The lessons of working hard, always getting better, pushing through adversity, trusting your teammates, doing your best for yourself and for them, taking coaching and criticism, learning from your mistakes, taking advantage of opportunities, being efficient and creative, and making your own luck are what I get out of basketball. The spectacular result of seeing that in practice with this group all of last season will stay with me for a long time. Each game this summer will be a reminder.

Maybe that’s what inspired me at work this week. I felt like I was operating on a new level every day. It felt good. Hell, it felt great. I love what I do. I like where I work. I’m ever more trusting the value of my contributions and trying to receive feedback in the way it's intended and regularly looking for opportunities to be better. Honor the people. Honor the work. Have fun.

Have fun. This year could use a lot more of that. More laughter. More dancing. More art. More delightful surprises.

More Master of None

More Tuxedo

Maybe a little less chosen reality

More honest street signs

More Desus + Mero

Less time in the message board of life

And more you.

Yes, you.

Jason Toney

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Trying to make good stuff every day. Occasionally succeeding.

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