Silver Lining

Meditation: Cultivating Patience, six minutes (morning)

I’m trying to cultivate patience today because I’m ready to be done with the Trump era. I’m pissed at how much space he takes up in my head, in my home, and in almost every interaction I have.

I told a friend and colleague yesterday that when I’m not thinking about this whack-a-doodle president, I remember that my life is grand.

“Many concerns, few complaints.”

I want to spend less time with my concerns unless I can impact them. I want to spend more time in my world of few complaints honoring the things and people that make it so.

I want to remember to send cards on time and text a “how you doing? how’s your family?” and show up when invited and do the things that bring me peace and joy.

I want to be patient with myself and the pace of the world.

Y’all just let me know when we get that dude in DC out the paint, okay?

To-Do: run // buy cards and stationery // check-in with folks that have been on my mind