“Life just ain’t fair.” — Daniel Caesar

I took this picture in 2004. Hence the blur.

Meditation: Taking a Walk, 5 minutes (morning)

I’m a little obsessed with walking right now. We walked to dinner on Friday. I mentioned my Saturday walk yesterday. I took an evening stroll on Sunday. I struggled, though, with this morning’s walk visualization.

My mind kept turning to this idea from Little Bets: smallify problems to accomplish big things

I started reading Little Bets sometime last year and then forgot about it but this article has been a powerful nudge and I cracked open my Kindle reader yesterday and there it was. I dug right back in.

I’m traveling to San Francisco later this week for work and this is going to be my agenda for the 36 hours: what are the little things we can accomplish so that I can be closer to solving my biggest question of the year? How do we solve some small problems so that I can find new questions to answer.

Maybe the secret isn’t visualizing the walk but physically putting one foot in front of the other.

To-Do: weekly analysis // month-end // plan for SF // return calls with texts // phone-a-grandma cuz she don’t text