Here is how many twitter accounts I need to use twitter effectively.

Professional Networking
@ mistersql — Goal — professional networking, DC only.
@ mott_st — professional networking, NYC only.
@ remotematt — professional networking, North America

Professional lunch account
@ vegdevops — Goal — somewhere where I don’t have to self censor what I ate for lunch for fear of making the thin skinned defensive.

Single Topic Tech
Python- @ trainsnake — Goal — see if twitter can work for questions StackOverflow isn’t a good candidate for anymore
JavaScript- @ jabahutscript — JS stuff

Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Recreation
Science Fiction @ flyscifiguy — Goal — consume fun content, follow celebrities and authors
Personal, Philosophy & Religion @ matthewmartin — Goal — enlightenment without sounding like I’m preaching to people who don’t give a, or are hostile to the project.
Politics @ okayape — Goal — do my civic duty without drama

@ sadmrsa — Goal — help the world panic about antibiotic resistance and MRSA
@ vegantrain Plant-based restaurant advocacy, it’s all vegan restaurants all the time.

Foreign Language Hobby Accounts
Linguistics- single topic account @ janMato — Goal connect to language geeks
Esperanto- single language @ mateomartino — Goal practice esperanto.
Icelandic- single language @ einskisson — Goal practice Icelandic.
(Also, idle french, spanish and russian accounts)

Sorry about the space after @ — Medium turns it into a hyperlink.