Low quality Twitter content. Please stop it.

  1. Direct “thanks for follow”
  2. Direct or broadcast “thanks for retweet”
  3. Broadcast to world “thanks for follow”
  4. Retweets when you meant “like/star/heart” — this is probably 90% of retweets.
  5. Vacuous comments on retweets- they get past the “don’t show retweets” filter. e.g. “Yeah! Right on! [box around some retweet]”
  6. Paper.li announcements. (That service that creates a sort of RSS feed reader using links posted by people you follow)
  7. Swarm/Foursquare check-ins & I-just-drank-a-beer apps (unless you have a photo or an actual comment)
  8. Silly inside jokes. It doesn’t make you cool, it makes me want to mute you. If you need your privacy, write it in a paper journal.
  9. Links to newspaper articles served up without comment. I can read the paper myself fine thank you.
  10. What you are listening to now, unless it has a comment and is the most fantastic thing you’ve heard this year.
  11. “Good morning”
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