16 Things I learnt after I turned 16

When I turned a teenager I felt like I knew most things and I was always to be right. It wasn’t until after I graduated high school and turned 16 I truly learnt alot about myself and life and school and relationships. It wasn’t until my world was truly being ripped apart by a divorce that I understood what I was really supposed to be doing with my time and energy. So this the is 16 things I learnt when I turned 16.

Jealousy is okay but irrational behavior isn’t.

Once I had a relationship with someone friends or family I used to always feel firmly protective of out relationship. While that in it self is understandable what wasn’t was the anger I used to feel if my friend became friends with someone else or if my family member would invite someone over. When I wad younger in didn’t really understand I still don’t quite understand. But slowly I have learnt that it’s okay for you to grow apart form someone and it’s okay for you not to be the center of someone world. But most of all its okay to be protective of a relationship but don’t allow yourself to become irrationally angry over the little things.

You don’t need to constantly talk to someone to be friends

It was the august after I turned 16 that I learnt this one. Her name was Sabrina and while she was a good classmate someone I sat beside in my biology class and told me to stop talking I never expected a friendship out of it. It was that summer where I went away for a month and I had kept minimal contact with persons back home but somehow I spoke to her everyday. She really kept me grounded that summer. And I told my exam results to her first and we would stay up talking all night about meaningful topics that I had been waiting for. We don’t talk all that much at school but I don’t mind because we really care alot about each other.

You have to be honest before you can love.

This one hit me like a train. I used to have an urge to want a relationship constantly maybe just to fill the void that had been created by the rift in my family household but I soon learnt that I can’t only love if I know why I want to be loved. I learnt that I didn’t want love just to fill a void I really had to love the other person too. I had to learn that sometimes being alone and hurting is okay and that when it was my time for a relationship I would be better ready.

Some persons will always talk.

I used to be so bothered by things people used to say especially if there was no truth, however sometimes idle hands can find nothing better to do while you are doing something meaningful.

Just say no.

No I don’t want to hear how you saw this person with that person.

No I don’t want to hear what people are saying about me.

No I don’t enough to listen to your bullshit .

Sometimes it’s easier to keep a peaceful mind while you are blissfully ignorant(within means)

Be kind and the rest will follow.

Sometimes I find myself on the edge of an insult, on the brink of flipping and on the road to hurting feeling. But as time has proven when you are nice to the people who might not deserve it there is alwyas a turn of events, a twist of faith, or a nice little reward heading your way.

Kisses are not to be taken for granted.

Maybe an explanation in a different post but this is pretty self explanatory.

Say how you feel from early.

No I don’t like you .

I can’t reciprocate your feelings.

I really enjoy this.

I like this. I hate that.

It’s not too hard once you know you can’t take it back.

Kill your darlings.

Your attached I understand but it is poisoning your life. It’s irrelevant. Weakly developed. It might mean a lot to you in the moment but in the grand scheme of life it is irrelevant.

Some persons will not love you back.

Don’t expect anything. Be honest and don’t expect a sunset ending and you will be fine. Sometimes it’s best to end things early.

School isn’t the end of the line.

Don’t get too caught up in school. Don’t use it as an excuse. Finish your homework and go to the movies. Say yes to spontaneous trips even if you might have something not so important to finish. Don’t stop living when you attend school.

There is a voice in your head and a feeling in your gut, it’s there for a reason.

There has been many a times where I have gotten left out of some serious problems by listening to myself. Do it, it might really save you some unnecessary heart ache.

Welcome tears.

Crying is good for anxiety, emotional baggage and a bad day. Don’t feel bad about crying cause sometimes that’s all we need and a good sleep.

Some friends arnt your friends

Know what a friend is supposed to look like and remove all those who are poison in your life

Some enemies arnt yout ememies

Don’t label someone something if it’s just off of something that is swirling around in your head. Sometimes it isn’t true.

It’s okay to be full of yourself.

Keep humble but know yourself worth and know that you will always come frist and that will save you alot of time trying to explain yourself to people who don’t matter.

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