An Indulgence is Just What the Heart Needs Sometimes

Treat Yo Self — to (better) Handle It All

Life gets HECTIC. Got kids, got a long commute, bills on bills on bills, got BF/GF? We all got issues. Whatever life stage or situation you’re in, LIFE GETS REAL, REAL QUICK. Nothing makes the hard parts of life go away, but elixirs such as ☕️+🍫+🌿 can create some space between you and your current problem, and fill that space with feelings that are far nicer than the problem. You get the benefit of changing your dominant feeling/emotion, to better handle the hecticness.

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We ❤️ indulgent moments in time. ☕️+🌿+🍫 — --📸:mast choclate

The space you create with an indulgence, such as a single origin bean to bar chocolates, shifts you out of a reactionary, overly analytical, and generally crappy feeling place, to a little chiller, more rational and less reactive place, that’s it. It’s not about escaping or numbing. That’s a lie anyways, ask anyone with an addiction/disorder to food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc., they know.

Creating space, shifting perspective, and reconnecting with your (better) self, are a few of the benefits of a strategically timed indulgence. These indulgences are good for your heart because they shield your mind and body from an internal barrages of negative energy. Sounds a little new age-y, sure, but also intuitively true.

We ❤️ indulgent moments in time. ☕️+🌿+🍫 — — 📸:toykosmoke

Moderate for Frequency

Indulging means doing it richly, not half-assing with some a filler junk food that only adds guilt and makes you feel crappy-er. To maintain high efficacy indulgences need to be moderated for frequency. High quality + low frequency = maximum benefit. Seeking quality in your indulgence dissolves the guilt. Eating rich dark chocolate from a bean to bar maker, for example, means you’re ingesting something of extremely high quality. Every bit of care that went into sourcing the best cocoa beans and meticulously crafting it into a beautiful bar is, in fact, benefiting your soul. Quality honors nature, the maker, and the your body.

We ❤️ indulgent moments in time. ☕️+🌿+🍫 — — 📸: (?)

Vibe is tasting menu of speciality ️️☕️, craft ️🍫, and premium 🌿. Your #3Favz as well? No way! Learn more

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