Making Videos More Like Miley. And Social News Is Burning Us Out!

Miley Cyrus’s very gif-able Younger Now.

Kiss & Tell Podcast #011: From Vice News to ads on Netflix to Sewa’s last blast, this is what we’re talking about in Modern Media Culture.

by Blake Marquis, Todd Lombardo and Sewa Adekoya

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We bid farewell to our partner in modern media crime, Sewa Adekoya. Good luck on your next adventure. We love you!

In this week’s episode:

— What Miley did right in her latest music video (with new P!nk right behind her).

…until Taylor Swift smoked them all with Look What You Made Me Do (80 million views, and counting).

— Oh boy, unmuted autoplay video is rolling out across Facebook.

— There are three basic revenue models for digital media companies: subscriptions, ads, or non-profit. Which one rules?

— Netflix isn’t ad free and anybody who says it is hasn’t seen the Olive Garden scene in Atypical.

Atypical + Olive Garden: Netflix does run ads.

— NBC News has a hit on Snapchat with new show Stay Tuned: 29 million views in its first month (and now CNN is trying the same thing).

— How next-gen lottery pools are being built around Facebook and Venmo…even if none of us won the big jackpot.

— Casper, we love your mattresses! We love your relentless Facebook push! You can sponsor us!

— PewDiePie, did you audition for the new TRL?

— All about that very viral Charlottesville Vice News documentary. 22 minutes: did you watch on TV or on social?

— What it’s like to take a break from the relentless, exhausting news.

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Blake Marquis is a ECD, Partner and Resident Podcaster; Todd Lombardo is a Digital Strategist and Editor, and Sewa Adekoya is an Audience Manager at Mistress.