Oh, Snap!

Kiss & Tell Podcast oo7: Snap Inc.’s IPO, thirty days later. Kicking butt, or butt kicked?

Hosted by Blake Marquis featuring Todd Lombardo and Kylie Wu

Something’s up, or should we say down, with Snap Inc., thirty days post-IPO. With the market regularly hitting new highs, Snap’s stock is not. Why is that? User growth issues? Revenue? Or maybe it’s the Facebook family stealing “Stories” for itself.

The adoption of stories by others is a good reminder that features alone (temporary video and images) don’t make a company or social network unique. It’s the users, and their connections. But, credit due: Snapchat is a pioneer of this format that went against conventional wisdom.

So is the social/mobile app market fighting over a finite base, vs. growing the whole pie? The answer might be challenging for Snap to answer, when its earnings are in the negative. Then again, so were Amazon’s in 1999. Anyway, Snap says it will be judged on just two metrics: active users and ad revenue.

Ok then.

Snap could be the next Facebook, or Friendster, or maybe muddles along like Twitter. Two of those three are not good outcomes. Funny thing is, the gain of an IPO has lost Snapchat some of its hipster millennial vibe, no matter how deep in the heart of Venice they are.

Where does Snap go from here? Our crystal balls and fortune cookies aren’t talking. In the meantime, we are in this podcast, and because we’re not getting back together with Snapchat.

Show highlights:

Snap drop off — blame Instagram?

Not #fakenews: 60% of users skip Snapchat ads.

Marriott Snapchat Campaign — 6 Days, 7 Nights .

Netflix vs Snapchat — Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is officially paying attention.

NFL will air on Amazon (Sometimes we predict the future accurately).

Snapchat, the HBO of mobile? Um…maybe.

Stories → stories. Thank you for the photocopy, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and even Messenger Day (what?).

Snap’s stock price — right now.

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Blake Marquis is a ECD, Partner and Resident Podcaster; Todd Lombardo is a Digital Strategist and Editor, and Kylie Wu is a Brand Manager and Strategist at Mistress.