The Lost Podcast: Making It In Hollywood

Kiss & Tell Podcast 006: Everything entertainment: Hollywood in the 21st century, Netflix invests billions with a B, and much more.

by Blake Marquis, Todd Lombardo and Sewa Adekoya

Welcome to the Kiss & Tell podcast from Mistress Agency, where we always keep a secret. Twice a month, we explore the latest trends in advertising and culture in the 21st century. [This is Modern Media Culture].

This episode: a lost classic from the vault, circa February 2017. All about entertainment, including what it’s like to go up against Oscar-winning Web Services, retailer, rocket manufacturer and entertainment giant, Amazon.


1/Netflix earnings, and its evolution to streaming — but they are still shipping DVDs. Also: Netflix’s international productions of originals, and what would a diversified Netflix really look like?

2/Did House of Cards define the rise of streaming originals? And did it have a crystal ball known as data to predict success?

3/May 1999 — Amazon.bomb — Yes, Todd referenced a Barron’s article that was pre-2000, about our inability to predict what Amazon would become.

4/And, Amazon owns Twitch, for $970 million dollars. Twitchcon 2017 — we’ll be there covering the madness.

5/YouTubers are becoming stars, while reality stars are become legit celebs.

6/The New York Times reflects and adapts to digital journalism, Part 1.

7/Kanye RT: Kim K (18+ish). And Kim manages to get robbed in Paris, justin time to promote her Ocean’s 8 cameo.

8/Oh and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post… Why?

#mysmileisfakenews 😀

Do you believe we made it a full show without talking about Donald!? Yeah, we didn’t.

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Blake Marquis is a Design & Interaction Partner and Resident Podcaster; Sewa Adekoya is a Community Manager; and Todd Lombardo is a Digital Strategist and Editor at Mistress.