The Revolution Will Not Be Streamed

That’s us.

Kiss & Tell Podcast #012: Hulu kills it at the Emmys, subscribers vs. ratings, problems with Facebook Watch, and more.

by Blake Marquis, Todd Lombardo and Kylie Wu

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If Gil Scott-Heron were alive today, his album The Revolution Will Not Be Televised might have ended in Streamed. With the recent launch of Facebook Watch and streaming networks filling the 2017 Emmy nominee lists (go Hulu!), the inevitable prediction of yesteryear is coming to light. Not to mention, the NFL is now on Amazon.

We at Kiss & Tell are excited to be a part of this untelevised cord cutting revolution, and look optimistically into the future of what a Facebook Watch Emmy nomination will look like.

Finally, a promo for Humans of New York via Facebook Watch


— How streamers are changing the TV business model (get me subscribers!)

— Does Facebook Watch have a marketing strategy?

— And should Facebook take a publishing lesson from Snapchat? (yes! says Kylie).

— What’s below the fold on YOUR Apple TV? Blake is dying to know.

Compare 2017 vs. 1987 Emmy noms right here.

And more.

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Blake Marquis is a ECD, Partner and Resident Podcaster; Todd Lombardo is a Digital Strategist and Editor, and Kylie Wu is a Brand Manager at Mistress.