Why We Talk About Netflix So Much, RIP Net Neutrality, and More

This is Kiss & Tell Podcast #015. Farewell, 2017.

by Blake Marquis and Todd Lombardo

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One year of Kiss & Tell is now on the record.

At year’s end, we have lots to look back on. Two of the biggest themes that resonated for us were:

  1. Entertainment disruption. It only takes looking at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple’s investments in original content to know change is already here. Plus: Emmy wins and Golden Globe noms abound.
  2. Politics + social. A polarizing presidential election gave birth to an awareness of new trends, including echo chambers, Russian bots, #fakenews, the power of Twitter, and determining the real truth.

Even with the net neutrality vote this week, we are still pumped for 2018, and optimistic what the future of Modern Media Culture holds for all of us.

Show notes:

— Why are the Buzzfeed and the Vices of the world suddenly stumbling?

— Can Stranger Things be the next DC, Marvel, or Star Wars franchise? Totally crazy we know — or is it?

— Verizon takes a $2 billion bite of the NFL live-streaming pie.

— Why net neutrality matters and what it means for you at home.

— The power of good podcast advertising. Read our recent piece about it over on Art + Marketing.

And the warmest of seasons greetings to you, our listener! We remember Coca-Cola + Santa Clause from our youth; it wouldn’t be Christmas without them, especially in this new 2017 social-inspired spot. 🎄

Thank you for listening. This is Kiss & Tell.

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Blake Marquis is a ECD, Partner and Resident Podcaster and Todd Lombardo is a Digital Strategist and Editor at Mistress.