Woman of Worth: Q& A with Rhonnika Clifton

Nothing screams home sweet home more than the decor greeting you at the door of your home or office. During this Love.Work.Repeat seminar, A Woman’s Worth, lifestyle & home contributor Rhonnika Clifton is sharing her ideas to add a little spice to your home and your life. At the “A Woman’s Worth” event, the professional design guru will speak on being “single and looking” during an interactive discussion designed to spark honest conversation about value, acknowledging worth, and discovering yours if you’ve lost it along the way.

Misty Blue Media: Tell us about your career.

Rhonnika Clifton: I am an interior designer and owner of R J Clifton Designs, a boutique residential design firm. I have been practicing interior decorating and design for almost 10 years now and am not only passionate about the aesthetic aspect of design, but also the education and functionality of it. I particularly specialize in residential design, but I appreciate and respect all aspects of design (color theory, commercial design, space planning etc.).

MBM: Why is it important for a woman to know her worth?

RC: Worth is not found in man or this world, but from God and God alone. Job 28:13 says,”Man does not know its worth, and it is not found in the land of the living.”

MBM: What circumstance took place to help you realize your worth?

RC: There were MANY circumstances that helped me (an continuously help me) to realize my worth, but the most important one happened fiveyears ago. One day, while sitting on the side of my bed, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to come out of my homosexual lifestyle. Not solely because of the sin, but because of my disconnect from God. From that day on God answered His promise to walk with me through my “rehabilitation” of repositioning my focus on Him and His plan for my life.

MBM: What do you hope women learn from this seminar?

RC: I hope women learn ways to strengthen their trust and an uncompromising faith in God.

MBM: What is the best advice you can offer women who cannot attend this conference?

RC: The best advice that I can offer to women is to learn from your mistakes by doing something different today that will offer you a different result tomorrow. Get under a spiritual leader/advisor who can teach and minister the word of God to you, read and change your environment in order to hear God’s calling for the best life He plans for you to lead.

MBM: What is your definition of success?

RC: Peace.

MBM: At what point did you realize you had become successful?

RC: I realized that I had become successful when I had the peace to leave my full-time job in 2015. I am successful, not because of the money I make, but because of the peace that I’ve acquired through the obedience of God.

MBM: How would you describe yourself in one word and why?

RC: Humble- I realize that nothing I have or do is because of me.

MBM: Do you have a motto you live by to remind yourself of your worth?

RC: “Before I can love someone else, I must first love myself.”

MBM: How can other women keep up with you?

RC: I can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, and at www.rjcliftondesigns.com