#BernieOrBust is going all #Never Hillary
Patty Jane

#NeverHillary indeed. I was all set to support #BlueNovember because our side had a couple of great candidates — but I just preferred Bernie. And then I saw more and more things that she did, that she said, and more and more of her supporters attacked us, then played the victim. Then she called Bernie a sexist, and I started to wonder. But still….she was better than what the other side offered….right?

The longer I watched this election, the more I recognized the outright voter suppression sponsored by the DNC…. in the little things that we didn’t even recognize until a couple of weeks ago. Scheduling that first debate after the New York deadline to switch parties was NOT a coincidence. The GOP had already had three when we had our first debate. And it was because they *knew* the more people saw Bernie Sanders, the weaker Hillary Clinton would seem. And the Independents of New York? Brooklyn Born Bernie with the ideals that he represents would truly be a draw.

The deck was stacked and the DNC played obvious favorites. It’s one thing to be a sore loser and take your toys and stomp off when your team loses a fair contest, but it is quite another to be angry and feel betrayed when the contest has been so obviously rigged.

I’d have voted for Hillary if she beat Bernie HONESTLY, with INTEGRITY and HONOR. But that’s not what happened. She CHEATED. The DNC CHEATED. The Contests were rigged.

I don’t reward cheaters. I won’t vote for Hillary.

#NeverHillary it’s not #BernieorBust, it’s I will vote for Jill Stein or someone who is more aligned with my values, even if that candidate doesn’t stand a chance in winning the Oval Office.

But Hillary Supporters shouldn’t blame Bernie’s supporters if Hillary loses. SHE failed to earn our votes. She’s not entitled to them. The DNC is not entitled to them. Period.

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