Behind the spotlight of fashion empires!

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The people behind the big brands who made their way to the top had no beds of roses laid in front of them. They struggled along the way but never gave up on what they had envisioned and that is why we hear their names ringing all over the fashion world.

They made it big, each of them through unflinching commitment, passion, dedication and hard work.

Here are 3 of the most established names in the fashion society -

Vera Wang- She is an American fashion designer based in New York City. Her bridal wear and ready-to-wear collections are simply amazing.

She has grown from a single bridal wear boutique into a fashion and lifestyle empire that spans a wide range of product segments- from engagement rings and bridal wear to cosmetics and home fashion.

Behind it all, there were years of hard work which is not generally seen in the spotlight. She shares her story with BoF,

“People have done far better than me in far shorter periods of time, but that wasn’t my story. It was brick by brick, client by client, store by store. It’s been a trip of passion, but it has not been a quick trip. Nor has it been easy. And that is the truth.”

She is my most favorite ready-to-wear designers of all time. Her designs creatively inspire me.

Coco Chanel- Why do girls like Chanel? Cause it’s pretty? No, that’s not it. Although Chanel is pretty, what makes the brand shine is the spirit that the designer gives to the brand. That’s what’s irreplaceable.

Coco Chanel was a french fashion designer.

She was born into poverty and spent several years of her youth in orphanage run by nuns. It is where she learned the stepping stone to her future trade- sewing. She left the place when she was 17 or 18 and started her journey to become the world- renowned fashion designer.

She was willing to take risks and worked hard to get where she did.

She is no more alive but the empire she built is still one of the most popular and influential fashion brands in the world.

Ralph Lauren- He is an American fashion designer and is best known for Ralph Lauren Corporation, which is a global multi- billion dollar enterprise. This is the tip of the iceberg that is seen by everyone in and around the fashion world.

Let’s dig deeper!

Ralph Lauren is born into a family where his mother was an artist and father, a house painter.

He started off his career in fashion as a sales assistant to Brooks Brothers and then went on to work as a salesman for a tie company.

The Ralph Lauren Corporation started with men’s ties.

At 28, he worked for a tie manufacturer, where he convinced the company’s president to let him start a new line. That marked the beginning of his great success. And it is not the end yet, there is still more in the years to come!

Talent+passion+hard work = Success

Most of us love the brands for the products they make and the uniqueness they bring. I admire them for the path they travelled!

Their stories we read,
Their products we use
For they had a vision,
And in fashion they rule!

Word of the day-

“Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” -Proverbs 22:29