Last minute mother’s day gift ideas

Hello beautiful people!

I believe that you all remember that it’s mother’s day this Sunday(5/14/2017). If you are running short of time and confused about what you want to gift your mom, here are few ideas to make her feel special on her day-

  1. If your mom is fashionable and loves to go to parties, there are three things you can gift her-
  • A make-up kit or
  • A branded wallet or
  • A trendy necklace

2. If your mom loves to cook food and invite friends and relatives over to your place, giving her a crockery set or a recipe book as a present should definitely be something that you need to seriously consider

3. If your mom is a working woman, a laptop case or a sturdy planner would definitely benefit her. Little things do matter!

4. If your mom is a coffee lover like my mom, buy her some well-grounded coffee and also a good coffee mug. It will surely make her day and she might also feel special every time she tastes the coffee :)

5. If your mom is a book lover, buying her some good books or a subscription to her favorite magazine or gift cards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc., would surely make her happy

6. If you are someone who cannot express yourself face-to-face with people including your mom, you can put your feelings into words on a paper. You can make her a card yourself or buy one but make sure to put your words into it and personalize it. I did it for my mom once, like, 2 years ago and she keeps it safely with her even to this day :)

7. If your mom is a music lover, buying her new headphones or a speaker set or an ipod would make her feel special. If she loves old classical songs, you can make a playlist of her favorite songs and add them into her phone or ipod and that would be a bonus!

8. If you and your mom are both working and have very little time for each other during week days, it would be a great idea to spend the day with your mom and do some awesome things together like going to a spa, having good food at her favorite restaurant, going to manicure and pedicure sessions(for guys n girl)as these activities would relieve both of you from any stress and also lets you have some quality time together. You can do all of them together as well!

Hope you would be successful in expressing your love for your mom this mother’s day!

To all moms- Your love for your children is like no other and thank you for being there for them, to help them and support them!

Have a happy mother’s day!

Word of the day-

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right” — Ephesians 6:1