What the Infinite Can Do ~ Part 1
Nalini MacNab

It’s 5 am in my world and my little hellions will be up soon- but I can’t tear myself away from your stories!

The spiritual things you speak of, I know nothing about. Well, let me rephrase- I absolutely know of my Heavenly Father and Savior and have a strong testimony of many sacred things. I just know very little of the way you access (for lack of a better word) our higher power. It’s very interesting to me.

A quick off topic question from a different entry of yours, I am not sure if your story of your best friend passing was true? Or a story line? Perhaps as I read more from you I will find out. But I lost my very best friend. She was part me, I was part her. She loved me more than anyone ever has. Or at least she made me believe that. We were so very much equal parts of one another that I felt like that part of me died. I tried to believe she was still alive actually, for the longest time. Her parents and siblings saw her in me. It was painful for them. And for me. I don’t even remember ever crying. I am truly sorry you too felt that horrific pain.

Enough about me, wow! I’m sorry….Forgive me. Sheesh. You are a miracle. Your story is a gift and I’m so grateful you have shared your experience. How incredible!! That is such a selfless act. Our stories are meant to be told. It binds us together, and helps us on our journey in learning heaven. It is my belief that we don’t earn our way to heaven, we LEARN our way to heaven. If we don’t take the opportunities for growth, and keep trying and believing and seeking the Lords will — I worry we will find ourselves being ok in the lower levels of heavenly kingdoms — not comfortable in His presence. For if we didn’t fight to learn heaven, while in our earthly state, I don’t think we will even want to be there. It will be uncomfortable, I think. The type of uneasy feeling you get when you are guilty, without the spirit, or humility, unrepentant and you are thrown into a room full of saints.

I know you will make a difference in people learning heaven.

I hope you publish your book.

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