Dear IOTA foot soldiers.. Here is an idea to make the demand for IOTA 10x in, like 6 months. Increase in demand=increase in price, when the supply is constant.

  • Now that IOTA tipping is possible anywhere on Reddit, let’s go to as many random subreddits as we can.
  • Let’s start tipping few IOTA ( 1 or 2 IOTA are enough) to random people over there. If you have any doubt regarding IOTA micro-tipping, please refer to this post.
  • Tipping format is +X IOTA u/iotatipbot
  • People on the subreddit will obviously be curious when they see something like this
  • They are likely to read more about IOTA and maybe invest in it.
  • There are 250 million users and 853,824 subreddits on Reddit according this report
  • Even if we are able to cover 10% of reddit’s total users, that will be 25 million people whom we can expose to the beauty of IOTA protocol.

So, dear fellow IOTAians. Are you game?

All credits to u/nullvehicle on Reddit who has created this wonderful tool called IOTA tipbot.

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