Announcing null-safe support for the Flutter framework

Dart serves a special role in Flutter, powering developer features such as hot reload, and enabling multi-platform apps for mobile, desktop, and web via Dart’s flexible compiler technology. We strive to make the Dart language the most productive for Flutter app developers; for example, we added UI-as-code language constructs to optimize the Dart syntax for coding Flutter widget trees.

In June we offered a first tech preview of null safety for Dart. …

A new, unified dart tool for all core tasks. Also, an update on null safety timelines and migration principles.

By: Michael Thomsen & Kevin Moore

Today we’re announcing a new release of Dart, version 2.10 (two-dot-ten). This release features a new, unified Dart developer tool: a single tool for all your developer needs like creating projects, analyzing and formatting code, running tests, and compiling apps. We also have an update on the null safety roadmap and timelines, and a discussion of the principles for migrating existing code to null safety.

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A new, unified Dart developer tool

Dart forms the foundation of the Flutter SDK: it not only provides the language and runtimes that power Flutter apps, but also supports many core developer tasks like formatting, analyzing, and testing code. However, while Flutter has a single, general-purpose developer tool (the flutter command), Dart has historically had many smaller developer tools (for example, dartfmt and dartanalyzer). Dart 2.10 has a new, unified dart developer tool that’s very similar to the flutter tool. This new tool supports all common tasks, such as creating new projects and packages; analyzing and formatting code; and running, compiling, and testing projects. …

Redesigned for high-quality, multiplatform packages

Today we’re launching a brand new site. It features new scoring metrics to give you a better understanding of potentially useful packages, and to provide package publishers with more actionable feedback on how to improve package quality. To help you find packages that support all the platforms you’re interested in, we’ve added support for identifying and searching for multiplatform packages. And overall we’ve redesigned the UI, aiming for a delightful and elegant experience that’s consistent with our and sites.

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The new site

Finding the best packages for your needs

With nearly 7,000 new packages published over the past year, you have no shortage of options when looking for packages to extend the functionality of your apps. But with so many packages to choose from, naturally you want the most liked, highest quality, and most popular packages to bubble to the surface. To support better package search results, we’ve redesigned the scoring system in …


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