Please stop saying it’s hard to find female founders. Please. Just. Stop.
Mita Carriman

Update # 2!

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, shared, and got in the conversation. I also love the outpour of support from other great networks that people should be paying attention to for finding female founders. A few others I’m happy to add:

  1. Broad Mic: A weekly digital podcast about breaking the mold about what it means to be a female entrepreneur in tech
  2. #binderfullofwomenfounders — literally a google doc operated with an ongoing list of women founders that are raising.
  3. 37 Angels: A network of women investors with a mission to educate early-stage investors:
  4. Power to Fly: Where companies find and hire women in tech and across digital. Yes this is primarily a network for finding women in tech seeking employment, but its also bound to render leads of female founders in tech as well:
  5. We-Rule: a global community of women entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors on a mission to build successful and lasting diverse businesses:

Had some other additions + link corrections in my first comment on this thread. Thanks again for your support around this topic! And please also continue to add in organizations that relevant to this topic that you’d like to share. Best! — Mita Carriman.

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