Other than Ilish and Chingri

First let me clarify, i am a gastronomical overlord, who enjoys nothing more than to to put delicious pieces of heavenly food into his oral cavity,yet the two kinds of food that has always eluded my taste buds have always been the most famous and at times criminally brilliant kinds of fish on the planet, according to Bengalis, the Ilish(Hilsa) and Chingri(Prawn).

Somehow i never liked either of them, for Ilish it was my disgust of the smell that it gave off, and for the chingri it was a vague memory of my inflated palms after having eaten it once. Somehow, i would be called by every other Bengali that i was somehow, “she rosh e bonchito”, but being the obstinate Bengali that i am, i overcompensated, and overcompensated hard.

To fill up the rebuke faced, i plugged the holes with Mutton Stew, of Aliah, the Biriyani , of Arsalan, the Kabiraji of Mitra Cafe, and pretty much every other gastronomical delight available to humankind on this small little corner of the world that we call Kolkata.

Mutton Stew(Aliah)
Kabiraji of Mitra Cafe

The tender pieces of the perfectly cooked mutton, to the thick mango juice available on the street corners near Esplanade, to the aforementioned Kabiraji found within paces of the Sovabazar metro station. These delights have more than satisfied me and my gastronomical trip of this splendid city. Any time i feel that some odd corner of the world was not being adequately represented in my gorging of food down my throat , i would look up and see that culinary delight represented well in my city’s gastronomical skyline.

Golbari’s Mutton Kassa

I crave for Chinese, voila the China Town appears, i crave for Biriyani, voila the entire city appears, though Park Circus boldly peers in front, I think about having something posh, Park Street comes into the play, i think of something cheap, the rest of the damn city appears.

Golbari stands at an equal footing as the new Lebanese joint. Are you a part of a breakfast club, no worries, the Chinese breakfast has you covered. And no matter, where you go, if you are a Bengali, the one thing that you will always miss is that “aloo” in the Biriyani, without that , is life even worth it?

No talk of Kolkata can be complete without the talk of her darling, the chicken roll, i am not much of an egg roll guy, why go for either when you can have both,so go for the egg-chicken.

Chicken Roll of Kolkata

The Aminia, to Kusum, to Saima, to even Aahar(Salt Lake), every corner of the city can give you meat wrapped up in a precious Paratha, but the taste of something like this will be “chirosthayi”. By the time your taste buds have a time to recover, bombard them with the oldest street food of the lot, Kochuri,Cholar Dal, or even the everlasting Singara or Tele Bhaja.

So, Yes, i donot eat both Ilish and Chingri, but that has never really stopped me from filling up my weirdly empty body cavities, with shovels of food, as i live in a city which can truly be called cosmopolitan, as there is nothing that this magic lamp of a city cannot conjure up and cannot give you orgasmic treats when you might want it to.