Suicide Squad: DC’s redemption arc, sort of ?

Suicide Squad

Talk about a tonal shift. DC is finally bringing in the laughs,but still forgot to turn the lights on, its still dark as hell.

This is partly a game changer and partly a by the books comic book adaptation that gets aspects of the characters in it perfectly, yet fails to present anything game changing or even not exactly like the other hoards of superhero films that have come before it.

The biggest glaring problem with the film might be that it lacked a streamlined story, which might be attributed to choppy editing,and a lot of flashbacks, which was also a problem with Batman V Superman.

The Entire Squad

This film will still be special, as it might be the only film in the recently launched DCEU to have more than 5 jokes in it, which is shocking, but true. The standouts are of course the usual suspects. Harley Quinn is just drop dead brilliant, no questions asked and no complaints made, she is just awesome. The thrill of seeing this character for the first time on the big screen was a joy enough, but more than that, hearing”Mr. J”, and “Puddin” in a film theater is completely worth the price of the ticket. And Margot Robbie just nails it, she just becomes this crazy lunatic who is in love with the Joker. Speaking of Joker, he only exists in brief cameos in the films, but my god, those glorified cameos really does challenge the performance of Heath Ledger, but always falls short as there was not much to judge Leto on, maybe the solo Batman film will present a more appealing and a more engaging joker, but his role was shockingly too small to judge his performance on.

Margot Robbie as an Exceptional Harley Quinn
Will Smith(Deadshot)

Of the other members of the Squad the only ones given any backstory and any background details were Will Smith’s Deadshot, and El Diablo, both of whom were good. Will Smith brought his vivacious charm and mixed it with some Bad ass action sequences to turn the performance into a concocted cocktail of brilliance.

Viola Davis was the surprise stunner, as Amanda Waller, she was menacing and could send a chill down your spine, quite easily. Col. Rick Flagg, Joel Kinaman, was a by the books Military guy with a personal stake in the final battle against the villain of the film, though he was better in House Of Cards as the Republican nominee for President, not Trump :p .

Viola Davis (Amanda Waller) and Joel Kinaman(Col. Rick Flagg)

Enchantress has a massive role in the film, a decision that maybe the guys at DC should not have made, as that probably was the weakest point in the film. Not that this was a bad film in any way , but the villain lacked any or all motivation to do anything in the narrative, which from the stand point of the viewer was quite tiring.

The problem that this film has is that it is just too by the books, like a giant blue beam shooting up into the sky from a building,and the heroes rushing in to stop it. Frankly how many times have we seen this already? This film suffers from the same issues as well, a smooth moving film tangled with the same issues as the other giant tent pole films of this decade. The only difference is that this film had a lot of character development, only for a few ones, which is similar to the treatment that the Avengers got, but Avengers were the follow up of multiple films setting up these characters, which this film did in a unique and innovative way. The characters ere introduced in a music video format which i found to be very interesting, but might not be favored by a lot of people.

And OH!!! Batman and Flash are in it. And they are fantastic.

Suicide Squad

Just to give you a run down of my thoughts.


  1. Better than Batman V Superman.
  2. Much more light-hearted.
  3. Brilliant dynamic between the group.
  4. A potentially good Joker ahead.
  5. An even better Harley Quinn ahead.
  6. A fantastic shift in tone, might be a turn for the better.
  7. A very catchy Soundtrack.
  8. An absolute treat for the comic book fans as its filled with Easter eggs.
  9. Fantastic Cameos from Batman and Flash.


  1. Choppy editing.
  2. Might be hard to follow for the uninitiated.
  3. Generic plot.
  4. Just another blue beam in the sky which needs to be stopped.


DC needs a new editor.

All in all an entertaining film with interesting characters, a brilliant soundtrack, but some seriously choppy editing. Yet, the positives far outweigh the negatives and hence that might just propel this film into a better rung than its predecessor Batman V Superman.

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