The new wave

The warm breeze signals the coming of a new season. The season which will bring the new wave of possibilities with it. Avishek loves it, he loves this beautiful warm air brushing over his face , he loves this feeling that he feels after such a long time, being an expatriate is not that easy, specially when your home is Kolkata. Bangalore maybe nice, but it just doesn't have that sassy feel of the “bosonto’ or even that zingy feel of the warmly cooked biriyani (with Aloo of course). The airport looks nice, he feels as he waits for his luggage to arrive on a conveyor belt , sliding and writhing away like that lazy “Bangali” on a Sunday afternoon. The laziness is palpable , as palpable as the bad taste of the so called”Rosogolla” he just had on the plane, “the shit they serve nowadays”, he said to himself. His eyes wandering for that American Tourister bag meets that of another soul, a soul he knew very well , but had not met in a very long time , a soul which he can claim a part copyright of , that soul also looks at him, acknowledges him, and smiles back.

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