Revisiting my new year’s resolution

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to make good on a resolution. As each year would come to an end I would hear friends, family, and co-workers of mine discuss random thoughts on their new year’s resolutions. And as most of you know it, coming in at numero uno would be something related to health or fitness. I too have tried adding that to my list and there have been many years where I have attempted to follow through with it. The longest time to date I’ve lasted is about 9 weeks. Ha! Health, fitness, and eating right is a passion of mine, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Should I Even Try — My Trend

Having a new year’s resolution has become somewhat of a superficial way of tricking our mind. We believe that in order to start something radical we should strive to start something on the 1st day of a new year thus giving us this perceived clean slate to work within. Still I DO enjoy pondering ideas each year on what could be my resolution. And as these ideas flood into my mind I do take it with a grain of salt, knowing there is a high probability that I will not follow through with it. At least for me this is what I have come to expect.

Changing this Mindset — It’s Time to Experiment

This year has been different for me, as I explained in my previous post. I wanted to start pursuing things that interested us as a family. I also wanted to test out a new way of looking at new year’s resolutions. My goal was to create small manageable challenges that I could pursue throughout the year and even incorporate something that we as a family could do together. I decided to try something that would not require me to commit to it daily or even weekly, I reduced it down to something that needed to be once a month.

My Resolution

After all the contemplation, thinking, and analysis I decided to challenge us as a family to visit a new place in Arizona each month that we have not seen or explored. I have lived in this state for over 19 years now, which is more than half my life and I still have not seen all the beauty it has to offer. Initially, Amit (my husband) was not 100% on board, he really did not think there would be that much to explore around here, I still wanted to pursue this though and prove him otherwise. AND not to my surprise he did have a change of heart after our first trip.

This year was also extra special to me because we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in January. And I thought what better way to celebrate than to visit a town that we have never been to or really heard much about, Prescott, Arizona. It is a beautiful little town. We explored, hiked around a lake with massive rocks that looked like it could have been on Mars, and ate some amazing food from the local eateries and breweries. It was an amazing start to fulfilling our new year’s resolution together.

Let’s go ahead fast forward to now, October. You might be wondering how well we stuck to our new year’s resolution? I would say we have done pretty well. There were two months where we could not make it work with our schedule but hopefully we will be able to finish the year off strong. We may not have been able to achieve visting 12 unique places this year but we have seen 7 so far and have possibly 3 more to go, which is not too bad in my book.