Xenophobia art installation

As we know, the world has endured widespread socio-cultural and economic disruption from colonialism, slave trade, mass extinction of people of certain religious and racial communities; two devastating wars and several other crimes against humanity mar the milestones in our history. These consequences have amassed significant moral debts that have limited our progress towards enlightenment.

Unfortunately man seems to be generally indifferent to the consequences of his action. As a species that has fought battles, committed random acts of violence and murder; expressed hatred toward others with and without cause. In the 21st century, we find that our society still lacks certain civility, which leaves us standing in the same mess, doing the same things that create collateral damage to society just like it has been done for centuries without any apparent recourse or remorse.

My recent art installation project is designed to bring awareness to this perpetual state of social discord. I fervently believe that it’s about time that we as a society take a step forward to help dissolve our differences and open our hearts and hands to help bring an end to this enmity. My proposed art piece is an homage designed to engender empathy by calling attention to the disastrous notion of “Xenophobia”.

As citizens of the world, we must maintain open borders instead of proposing to build higher walls and hide behind them. We must open our eyes to see the magnitude of the challenges faced by our neighbors and not be limited to our reality blinded by our comfortable lives to the dire situation. We must not remain oblivious to the tempest that splashes on our shores, and to the people who are striving to survive those splashes.