Fear of missing out on things (FOMO)

We all go through instances of missing out on things that we really want to be part of whether they are festivals, birthday parties, family get-together, weddings, family vacations or trips. But why do we feel that way? Is it because our current lives are miserable or have we not found a way to appreciate the moments that we live everyday? Why as humans we always want to be able to do everything and still not be satisfied or content? Because as humans we have this insatiable need to do everything and we associate feelings of temporary happiness with permanent happiness or contentment. But the reality is in order to be in a permanent content state of mind you have to learn how to live to the fullest in the moments you are given. We have to learn how to be happy in the moment we are living because no matter how much we do we will always miss out on things but why not be happy and enjoy the moments we are afforded daily by our lives. Some people don’t even have those moments to be grateful for so count your blessings and train your mind to see happiness in whatever moment you go through.

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