As you grow, they say life becomes busy than you think. Well exactly, that’s how it is in reality too. School hours being replaced by office schedules, having Pepsi at a chat shop being replaced by meeting for corporate lunches, texting for hours being replaced by Am a bit busy, anything important? Life indeed gets busy and amidst all these, all we ever need and search for is coming back to one person who makes us feel, we are home.

And I definitely term that person as ‘certain someone’.

It’s not that we don’t have people around us, we are always surrounded by a bunch of young energy, aren’t we all? We hang out with plenty of them but not many hold the position as much as that one person does. At different stages of life, our priority would shift and let’s accept the fact, we do get carried away by the new ones we meet but in the end, nothing would fill in the place of him/her.

That could be anyone, your mother, your brother, your sister, your best friend, your everything. You choose the colour of your relationship, it’s you who decides.

Honestly, while writing this piece of article, there was just one person in my mind all through it. I knew the colour of relationship with that person. After having a terrible day, I knew I could crib all about it without being judged. I could scream, I could be mad, I could be anything I would not be otherwise with other people.

Talking about life to stalking a celeb, dancing on old tunes to making new memories, fighting over politician’s views to ending up with a SRK dialogue, from new haircut to the embarrassing college incidents, from acting like a superstar to giving up the ego, anything and everything that formed a part of the bond you share with him or her.

If you ask me why would I term him/her as certain someone and not anything like special or extra ordinary, well, extra ordinary things don’t remain forever, do they?

Certain someone comes to me with a sense of satisfaction, trust, friendship, loyalty and love. This tag brings to me immense kind of support as it has the word certain which assures the specific nature of your bond which other relations would not.

Life is short. Though we have our bundle of dreams, responsibilities as burden, all we want to share is with that one person. Few years from now, you will achieve everything that you have dreamt of yet if you had not cherished the joy with that person, would it ever be fulfilling to you?

It’s also the truth that sometimes things don’t work well due to fights, anger, arguments, how long would it take to sort? A week, a month, a year? Not longer than that. Clear them out. Let nothing take over your relation. Sometimes you get so engrossed with your own happiness that you really forget about the other person.

Though you care, you miss, you would do anything, remember one thing, nothing is beyond your own self-respect. Don’t let it drown in the process. Everything works two way, make sure you do it right with the right person.

If you give your 100%, life will give back to you in 1000 different ways from the same person.

Ego kills every thing, make your bond so strong that nothing intervenes.

I never took my certain someone for granted, no matter what happened, how stormy it became. I always believe in taking efforts, and trust me, if you take your share of efforts, nothing would fade away.

Give your best but to the Right Person. Make it your priority only if you feel you are his/her priority too. Make time for your loved ones. Time does not date back for anyone in this world.

The journey is difficult yet fulfilling if done with the right ones.

So did you find your certain someone yet?

Never give up. Just don’t.

You never give up on the people you love, do you?

Written by-

Mital Jain.

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