PeerDoc is a collaborative real-time rich-text editor with undo/redo, cursor tracking, inline comments, permissions/sharing control over documents, a change history. Things you would expect from a modern collaborative editor on the web.

But the main difference is that it combines two types of collaboration:

  • real-time collaboration between collaborators on the…

I made a benchmark comparing how long it takes to decode JSON in node.js and Go. As I have noticed in the past, JSON decoding in node.js is really fast.

I used node v16.0.0 and Go v1.16. For Go, I compared both the structure of the data (providing a struct type) and not knowing it (using map[string]interface{} interface). Moreover, I compared standard encoding/json and jsoniter. I measured on a range of JSON files from 10 regular and 10 array fields (~23 KB) to 200 regular and 200 array fields (~1.3 MB). I repeated each run 10 times and averaged.


Parsing JSON in node is really fast and beats Go when no structure about JSON is provided (which is how parsing in node is done). Only with information about the structure, the non-standard jsoniter library is faster.

Gravity seems to be our first and most important teacher. Patient, consistent and always present. Children can learn cause and effect through it. What happens if I lift an object and let go? Over and over again. On repeat. Always the same thing.

When we think about life in space. Can we raise children there? Can children grow up in zero gravity? Can they develop their mental abilities without having this teacher around them? Or will they develop in other ways? A different kind of logic?

Database-abstraction APIs where you write a query using the host programming language should not exist. Or more precisely, should not have to exist. For example, in Django you can query the database using the following Python code:


Which Django translates (roughly) into the following SQL:


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