Not a Trump supporter myself but if this is the crux of your argument to label the GOP as white…

Agree with this feedback. I wrote it very late and thought that I made my point clear, but realized the next day that I totally left that part out (oops!)

You may have made the connection from outside evidence that I did not present myself, but that Trump constantly uses as talking points, namely

  • Anti-Muslim rhetoric: this was where I began my thinking with the “Christian” part. I know that Christianity is not some automatically-opposed force to Islam, but Trump’s essential “war” attitude towards Islam (combined with the nationalism I mentioned) does make a an “us v. them” sort of debate. And since America is considered by many (particularly Trump’s supporters) as “a Christian nation,” the uniting banner of “us” is partly a Christian one.
  • Anti-immigrant and anti-minority attitudes: I imagine this is quite apparent from attitude about “a wall” and his dismissive attitude towards #BlackLivesMatter. Another “us v. them,” and again a banner that unites the “us” is White folks (again, a huge chunk of Trump’s supporters).

So I hope that clarifies. Thanks for reading!

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