25th August // 2017/2018 Season

Late Start To The Season As I Try To Find A Team

Pre season has been a rollcoster that has seen me at 3 clubs but learn so much. I started of wanting to play higher than step 4 so went on trial at a step 3 club.

I’ve now played at step 4 of non league football for about 2 1/2 seasons but last season was the first time I started over 30 games. Reflecting maybe it was to soon to try to move up as I ended up not signed for that club as the manager didn’t think I ready to “go into a match day squad at the start of the season”

I’ve grown not to take these things personal and realise football is about opinions when you get to certain level as everyone has some degree of ability.

The manager of this team passed my number onto another manager. Lets call this team , TEAM B. I played two pre season friendly for TEAM B and one league game on the opening day of the season. TEAM B are step 4 as well but play in a league I have never played in before. The league TEAM B covers is more travelling as most teams are not in greater London. Most games would require 1 hr 30mins travel time. I decided against travelling so much although I do think playing in that league would have made it easier for me to get noticed and move to step 3 as it’s easier.

Anyway, onto where I am now. I emailed other teams in the same league as the team I played for last season and probably the most local one to me invited me to come and train as they recalled me playing against them last season and noted I played well against them both home and away. I’ve now signed on for them and guess who my debut was against?


I forgot to mention, I had told my previous manager I would be going to a step 3 team for pre season and he said he was fine with it as he wouldn’t stand in the way of me progressing. Then upon me wanting to come back didn’t want me. I won’t go into the reason but I didn’t feel it was just. Anyway I’ve found a new team now and it’s the closest team in the league to my house (only 20mins away).

My debut for my new team ended in a win against my old club. I came on as a early sub and played well.

This season, I’m more focused on having fun and just enjoying it. I know I have ability and can play and this level or higher but I dont care about that for now. I just want to play as much as I can and have as much fun while I do.

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