Little Caesar’s Brand Analysis

Dear Little Caesar’s marketing team, my name is Mitch Chmielarczyk, and I have been doing a social media advertisement analysis on how your brand promotes itself. I am and advertising major at Michigan State University. Our classes main project for Social media marketing was to do a company brand analysis. I chose Little Caesars because I enjoy eating there and also because you are a local brand from Detroit, close to where I live. I have looked into the history of your brand, followed your brands pages on all social media pages, as well as submitted many assignments on how your brand can improve its social media posting strategy. I have enjoyed researching how you target your advertisements and learning your approach to promoting the brand.

Here is an overview of what I have found on your brand strategy.I find that your new release posts and sporting event posts to be most interesting because it shows that you are Active when promoting new releases and on top of informing your customers on new deals. Through your social media pages Little Caesars mainly gets attention from sports fans, from what I have seen most of your posts are directed to sporting events and promotions at your sponsored locations such as Comerica Park and Little Caesars Arena, both located in Metro Detroit. The reach out to sports fans through posts and updates directed to sporting events such as hockey, baseball, and football as well as holiday posts and Special deal posts are what i have seen to be the bulk of what you are posting. I think targeting and gaining the attention of sports fans through your posts to be really interesting because the sports industry is high-interest interest topic among all age levels throughout the country and is a good way to grab the attention of sports fans and key in your business.

The march madness offer of free daily lunch combo if the 16th seed beat the 1st seed in the playoffs was a great attention getter to the brand. March madness is one of the most watched sporting event each year and it was a great way to gain brand attention.I believe this was a great promotion that caught the attention of a lot of viewers in the basketball community. Most of the posts you have are promotions for there new deals and pizza’s offered, but a sports giveaway promotion like this is a great way to build a better relationship with sports fans. I think you will do well if they do more posts like this!

I made a mock draft persona on possible goals you can have for the year:

Needs: Reach more viewers online, Sell more food, increase positive relationship with Customers.

Goals: Increase Sales, Get more Brand Awareness, Post More on Social Media, add and monitor a Blog section onto the Little Caesars website.

Challenges: How to avoid viewers scrolling past ads and articles, trying to catch their attention.

I also made up a few strategies on how you go about doing this:

Key in on the Target Audience

The target audience I have seen has been the reach out to sports fans through posts and updates directed to sporting events such as hockey, baseball, and football. Other holiday posts and Special deal posts target those who are looking to buy affordable, fast pizza.

Idea: Little Caesars spends more money on media advertising keying in on those talking about sporting events. Focusing on sports fans and those who live in locations where sporting events take place.Sporting events are a perfect opportunity to sell food to those who are there to watch the event, as well as those who are at home and want to buy a Hot-N-Ready Pizza to bring back and share with friends who are watching the game.

Display Advertising and Exclusive Deals for Loyal Followers

Little Caesars uses a lot of Picture and commercial advertising of there new deals and Pizza promotions. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages are strictly image posting.I would like to send the users on the posts they click to the specific deal they are promoting in the picture advertised in the post. So say they have a picture promoting their Daily Lunch Combo, The user clicks on the post, and then is sent to the specific deal on the Little Caesars page, Rather than being sent to the home page.

Little Caesars already has so many loyal followers on social media. I think to help grow a better relationship with your followers and also increase the number of followers you have would be to offer exclusive deals to those that follow them on these pages. You can run a commercial on TV that informs the public to look for exclusive coupons and discounts on their social media pages. This would increase the number of people who check your pages regularly.

Amp up the use of Content Offers

Featured Offer

Little Caesars Social media Facebook Giveaway promotion: Like and Share Post, and Comment the names of two friends in comments to be put into a drawing for 5 Free Little Caesars Coupons.

Example Idea:

The Little Caesars Instagram page only has only 125 thousand followers, The could run a promotion that gives away free pizza for a year to there 500 thousandth and 1 millionth follower, to increase the amount of viewer they have.

The March Madness post of free lunch combo if the 16th seed beats the 1st seed in the playoffs was a huge success. The post and promotional went viral and brought a massive amount of attention to the brand. If Little Caesars kept up on content offers more often like using the smaller examples above, I think that you would grow dramatically.

Improve Little Caesars Rank on Search Engine Advertising

Internet searches 80% of the market, people. Google is a good example of search engine advertising. Search words used for Little Caesars such as Pizza. I searched Pizza on google and Little Caesars did not even show up on the first page of Pizza places Advertised on Google. You need to invest more money into this category so that they show up in the top 3 results on google is not acceptable for attracting customers who not looking to spend a lot of time searching when looking for quick results.

KPI and Metrics

Little Caesars should appoint your marketing team to do a 6-month trial run.You need to record all of there new promotions that the choose to run and have goals that they are looking to accomplish. Such as increasing social media followers by one million and have an increase in sales by x amount of money per month. Tracking the mobile traffic, the number of lead conversions generated via each social media channel, the Number of customer conversions generated through social media channel, and the percentage of traffic associated with social media channels will be key to see if the new efforts are worth the time and money.


In 2012 Little Caesars spent $88.5 million on advertising. Since then the company has grown substantially and I would assume that your budget is a lot bigger than that now. Tv airtime is a lot more expensive than promoting online such as facebook pay per click, pay per impression etc. If they have a budget of say $100 million they can use three-quarters of this on commercial advertising, and then invest the rest of the money into online promotions. Which would be to pay salaries on Social media marketing professionals, photography costs, and social media advertising costs. Social media is so much cheaper advertising and with the amount of money, they are working with I think they can easily afford to ramp up all of their pages and pay to have more giveaways online. In the long run, they will see more sales with more presence online. With the use of smartphones being so high, online social media presence will outweigh the views of tv commercials.

Big Idea

Little Caesars has an active Youtube channel, where you post the videos of your Tv commercials to there page, as well as include funny skits that are made to make viewers laugh. I have not in my experience seen a little Caesars Youtube Ad in my history of watching Youtube videos, so that is something that you may want to consider.

I think it would be a Hit if they started making videos of everyday consumers enjoying your product, a natural “in home” look of real viewers eating your product. You could promote this idea by having a promotion where they have consumers send in videos, and if Little Caesars uses their video then that consumer will get a free giveaway or discounted price. I believe that that would be a success. Creating a sense of a personal relationship with your customers is key to keeping them loyal, and at the same time, you can use these real-world videos to promote to others how much people love to eat Little Caesars. Little Caesars would be having more giveaways, but I believe this would go viral and create so many more new loyal buyers.

Overall Summary

Little Caesars already has such a great foundation of advertising, However, there is always room for improvement. First off you should come up with a 6-month plan of attack. Key in on the Target audience by directing advertising more toward those in the market for Fast and Affordable pizza and sports fans. Spend the money needed to make Little Caesar’s top in search engine results. Use more content offer promotions online to create a better relationship with online viewers and attain more followers. Track everything over the course of 6 months including money spent, money earned, sales, views, how many new viewers, how many lost viewers, and the reach of all posts. In order to be successful everything needs to be recorded. At the end of the 6-month trial, a meeting should help with the marketing team and top Little Caesars owners and managers to see if the attempt to ramp up and fine tune the media advertising succeeded, failed, or proved no effect.I hope this letter had some good ideas for you, good luck on the future of your brand, you guys are great!

Sincerely, Mitch Chmielarczyk