Learning Front-end Development & Design — 2017

I’v been asked a lot recently by both friends and colleagues for front-end development, design and UX resources to get up and running, hopefully the below will point you in the right direction:

Things to follow:

  • Thought Works publish a monthly Technology Radar on all things tech.
  • Mattias a Front-End Developer at Spotify posts weekly videos to his YouTube channel FunFunFunction.
  • Artem Sapegin compiled a list of who to follow on Twitter. It’s also worth checking out his own Medium articles.

Design Type Things to Read:

Dev Type Things to Read:


  • I’m fortunate enough to have an account at PluralSight through work and this is my go to place for high quality tutorial and courses. You also get access to Code School.
  • One of my favourite Code Academy courses is this one about React.js.
  • Spotify also post some super interesting articles/videos for example about engineering culture.
  • Hacker Rank is also a great place to go and test your skills.

My Reading List:

Thanks to Artem Sapegin’s article my 2017 reading list currently looks like this:

Now the above is only just scraping the surface of my favourite books and resources at the moment, but it should be a good start!

Let me know if you have any suggestions.