Election, Just Three Days

Its crunch time. Three days and counting. The candidates and their surrogates are stumping the swing states. Campaign staffers are knocking on doors and firing up phone banks. The energetic electorate is poised to flex its constitutionally guaranteed muscle.

Day 3 to election has been a whirlwind:

  • A federal judge in Ohio issued an order that will keep renegade Trump supporters from intimidating voters at the polls.
  • Another judge in North Carolina court slapped state officials. Her honor (Judge Loretta Biggs) determined state officials illegally purged minority voters from the rolls.
  • Mexico crafted an economic contingency plan (just in case Donald Trump wins the election).
  • The US Supreme Court OK'd a ballot collection ban in Arizona.
  • Governor Chris Christie's underlings were found guilty on all counts.
  • Melania Trump hit to campaign trail and talked about cyberbullying.
  • Survival food suppliers reported a huge uptick in sales. (Apparently, the election night doomsday folks are very concerned the world may come to an end on November 9.)
  • Jay Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Stevie Wonder had concerts for Hillary.
  • US military Hackers threatened to sizzle Russia's electric grid (among other systems) if Putin's Hackers bamboozle our voting machines.

The last few days of a presidential election are usually not that interesting. Sure, they're nail biters, but, there's rarely anything new happening. They tend to be faux energetic and potentially boring. The candidates jet set to swing states still in play. They regurgitate their closing arguments (which are the same as their opening arguements). They put the finishing touches on their victory (and concession) speeches. I would imagine they even prepare themselves emotionally for the outcome. Even President Obama's historic 2008 electoral home stretch, monumental in its historic nature and jet fueled by its message of Hope and Change was anxiously calm in the last few days.

This election wrap up is different. Its all about uncomfortable, uncompromising friction. Its a petal to the metal, high-speed, spark inducing, grind to the finish line, up and down hill slogfest.

What a difference a week makes. The election was on that classic, pretend-high key (but really low key) deceleration. Hillary was hop-skipping toward the end zone and Donald was shrink wrapped in his twisted, rigged election, conspiracy theory. October 28 comes around. FBI Director James Comey drops a nondescript, bombshell email and all hell breaks loose.

Comey's asinine decision certainly has made things interesting. Thanks to the director and his leak-happy, conservative underlings, an already dysfunctional political world devolved into unrecognizable chaos. Its taken a while to get to this point.

The rational world turned into Crazy Town when a cartoon-like, real life caricature named Donald Trump won the Republican primary. Crazy Town morphed into WTF Land when Trump proclaimed on tape that he's entitled to grab any woman's private place without invitation. WTF Land became OMG Town when the religious right didn't distance themselves from the self proclaimed misogynist (and when establishment Republicans decided not to endorse him, but still vote for him). OMG Town completely disintegrated and reappeared as Holy Shit Land when the FBI blatantly interfered with election cycle.

And now, the funny thing of the day. Samantha Bee took a trip to Russia to interview a few professional Internet Trolls: