Really? The Poor Middle Age White Guy

There is quite a bit of chatter these days about the poor, middle age white guy. Watch any footage of a Donald Trump rally and you will, invariably, see angry white guys. These are good, American, Christian, white men who are tired, fed up and not going to take it any more.

They will often suggest (in babbling, expletive laden, incomprehensible rants) America’s newest victims are caucasian men, forty to fifty-five years old. They are twenty first century, no fault of their own, welfare cases. They can’t get good manufacturing jobs becuase the liberals sent them all to China and Bangledesh. They have no access to quality education becuase liberals have created tumultuous, unmanagable student loan debts. They can’t get shitty jobs because, well, the liberals are giving them away to illegal Hispanics.

These poor, repressed, victimized, underapprecaited, white heros are so profoundly desperate for a path forward. They have given so much to their country, just by being white men. What can we possibly do to alleviate their suffering? How on earth can they find a voice and be heard over the squawking battle cry of the progressive hordes?

I have a mild suggestion. Get off your ass and actually do something. I’m a middle age white guy. I’m not Christian, but, I have relatively pale skin. That’s got to count for something with this group.

I have a bullshit job. It sucks. I hate it. But, it helps support my family and it actually moves me in an effective direction. As much as I dislike the job and see it as a profound waste of time, I’m not angry. I don’t think Bill Clinton, or George Bush, or Barak Obama put me in this mess. I don’t even blame my simple minded, ultra-right wing congressional represenatitve. He’s clueless and crazy, but, he’s not responsible for my situation.

More importantly, I keep striving and failing and striving again. I keep trying things. I can assure you, illegal Mexican citizens are not interfering with my job prospects. I don’t want to cut lawns or work the greasiest job in a restaurant. I don’t think they do either (but that’s another article). And, I can also assure you, my fellow white men; if I wanted to cut lawns or work the greasitest job in a restaurant, I’m quite confident I could acquire a position in less then twenty four hours.

Instead of complaining about reverse discrimination, I suggest reversing your current course of action. Just get back in the game like the rest of us. If you want to get educated, student loans are still available, to everyone. They suck. They snarl you with some unpleasant debt. They also provide the opporutnity to break out of your self centered comfort zone and your self imposed limitation.

If you want to start a business, start it. I bootstrapped mutiple businesses and, believe me, I’m no genius. And again, remember, immigrants from Guatemala are not interested in taking the job that you created for yourself.

If you want a factory job, set a goal and create your own “Made in America” factory. No one sent those jobs away. Corporations can pay lower wages to foreign workers overseas. That’s the bottom line and that’s why those jobs are no longer here. Yes, there were trade agreements like NAFTA and, yes, some agreements did not favor US Business. Nonetheless, you and I and everyone one else in the Land of the Free were not going to solder a computer chip into an Iphone for three dollars an hour. The Chinese worker would.

In essence, I’m suggesting, we immediatley stop lamenting the plight of the middle age white guy in America. There is no plight. Yes, the game has changed. It changed for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, after 2008. The world didn’t come to an end. It’s just a matter of growing up (again), adapting and learning the rules of the new game.

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