tl;dr Chicago food spots

So you’re coming to Chicago for Worlds and you’re hungry for delicious spots? I got you.

Lou Malnati’s. Hands down a must visit. Only 9 blocks from the Chicago Theatre with the best pizza in the city.

Billy Goat. Fast foody local chain with delicious burgers.

Gyu-Kaku. Not really a Chicago staple but is definitely a favorite of the Infiniscene crew. Hibachi-style JBBQ with delicious meats.

Portillo’s. A chicago classic for Italian beef and hot dogs.

Au Cheval. Good burgers, good vibe, good bacon.

Garrett Popcorn. It’s hard to mess up popcorn but they managed to make it great.

Oh and we have a lot of doughnut places near the Theatre that are amazing too.

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