By Mitchell Bobman, Carly Levett, and Frank Gibase

As pandemic restrictions ease and employers across the world return to the workplace, internal real estate and facilities teams are facing a growing list of variables to consider. We’ve offered guidelines for how companies can safely return to the workplace, and one guideline almost everyone seems to be rallying around is the concept of social distancing. It remains one of the most common and clearly defined strategies companies can adopt. And yet, there are still questions. Is 6 feet of distance enough? How can I analyze and re-plan my existing layout? …

Mitchell Bobman, Analyst, Gensler | Wes LeBlanc, Director of Analytics, Gensler

Over the last two years or so, we’ve been asked to meet with a growing number of clients to discuss sensors, workplace utilization, and our experience in related applications. This has given us the opportunity to codify our thinking and recent work in this space. What follows is a summary of our current perspective. For many clients, utilization, and the potential use of sensors to gauge utilization is a focus, with secondary consideration given to other issues. …


Mitchell Bobman

Urban planner, number cruncher, and spatial problem solver. Product manager at Gensler. Ex-Placemeter. Chicago.

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