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THIS IS WHAT IS NOW LEGAL! (need more evidence Republican’ts are scum?)

Among the methods park service officials banned on federal land:

* Taking wolves and coyotes (including pups) during the animals’ denning season.

* Taking black bears with artificial light at den sites.

* Taking brown or black bears attracted to bait.

* Using dogs in black bear hunts. State law currently prohibits using dogs to hunt big game, with an exception for black bears. The park service will no longer honor this exception on national preserves.

* Shooting swimming caribou, a practice primarily used in the Noatak National Preserve in Northwest Alaska. Currently, state law prohibits taking big game that is swimming, but hunters may shoot a swimming caribou from a boat under power, and hunters can also shoot a caribou that has emerged from the water on the shoreline while the hunter is still in a moving boat. The new park service regulations will no longer recognize those exceptions on preserves.

In addition, Fish and Wildlife this summer imposed strict limits on predator control to its 77 million acres of national refuge land in Alaska, prohibiting:

* Killing cubs or sows with cubs or brown bears over bait;

* Using snares or traps on bears;

* Killing wolves or coyote from May through Aug. 9 and,

* Taking bears from an aircraft the same day air travel has occurred.