Jun 18 · 6 min read

My MEST Application and Recruitment

Interesting! That’s the word I would use.

Very very interesting.Definitely unexpected.

I clearly recall the day I heard about the MEST Incubator hub and I went to do research on it. Here’s a fun fact about me I love to do research.I’m just a naturally curious somebody.

I won’t lie I was very much intrigued by it but was still uncertain whether or not it was for me. I mean here’s a person who has been actively engaged with social enterprises, community development, project management, fundraising, and youth empowerment. Now considering venturing fully into the technological start-up.

No offense but technology people often make me feel like I don’t know anything especially as I was just in it for the fun of learning it.

Anyways, it wasn’t until I had the MEST info session, that I knew that yes this something I should really put my mind into.

NB: I have attached a video clip of the MEST info-session.

Then came the application questions. I am used to writing applications, grants, and the likes. However, this felt like a soul searching experience. I will be honest, I spent one month on my application but then again I started my application early. You might say one month is too much but really I just needed that time to really think on some answers. Some were really easy.

I made sure I proofread for errors and submitted when I was thoroughly satisfied.

Another interesting thing about me, I am very much deliberate with I do or take up. Is it in line with my life vision, these are questions I often ask myself?

Alright fast forward to March, I got a message saying I was shortlisted for the Aptitude test. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect for the Aptitude except that it was like a GMAT aptitude test. Once again I did my research and found it used to be done in physical centers and was very hard according to people. They only just started the online test to make it more convenient for people. Other than that there was really no information except that gotten from the recruitment team.

Here’s an insight to help you future applicants

MEST Aptitude test is a 45-minute test that will assess your communication, business, and logical reasoning skills.

You will be answering questions on:




Technology Awareness


Logical Reasoning


I have only done aptitude test and I knew it wasn’t going to be like so I actually did a mock attitude test preparation with a core focus on analogy. It turns out analogy is still not my strongest area.

Another tip for future applicants, read thoroughly the instructions the recruitment team sends. You don’t want to be caught off-guard or worse do the wrong thing.

Anyways Aptitude came and I was just like after all my studying. I shouldn’t have stressed. The questions were still hard and they focused a lot more business.

However, guess what I still passed.

On to the next stage which was the phone interview. I had to pick a time and date convenient for me among the dates given which I did.

I also made sure, I was readily available for the interview. I redownloaded my Skype for PC, tried to make sure my network was working and all. Sadly that day, I don’t just know what happened to my internet. This brings me to my next point, try to be prepared for all unforeseen circumstances and try to do your interview in a quiet place.

At this point, I had already given up on preparation.MEST in my head is just too unpredictable. Anyways my interview came and went. My interviewer Tobi was extremely nice and even with the network problem he still made me feel at ease. MEST has backup plans just in case the internet doesn’t work out. I still did a Skype call just with my number instead. He also informed me ahead of time, the next stages to anticipate, the expected date I would receive an answer and explained why it would take long before I got feedback about my application.

Another long wait.

Around the middle of April, I got the notification saying I am moving on to the next stage which is the group interview and if I pass it I should expect the one-one interview with the slated date in May. All would be done on the same day so it might be a full day business.

I was like okay, two weeks to prepare. Just so you know I didn’t actually prepare anything. I didn’t know what to anticipate. At this point, I was like I was just going to be myself and be honest. A week to the interview, I had malaria and the flu (cough and catarrh). So yeah I was trying to recover fully from all this.

The day of the interview came, I left very early, got to the venue. Be formal and be early. I was over early. Who gets there by 6.30 to 7.00 am. Anyway, I had anticipated Friday traffic to catch me on the road, it didn’t really much justice.

Thankfully some free minutes later and another participant arrived and others till we were much. While the recruitment team set up the interview hall. I took time out to meet amazing young individuals doing their own remarkable stuff as well.

For me, I simply decided to enjoy the experience and be myself. I could not be anyone other me anyway.

Then we had our group interview. They recruitment team took out the tension. They first gave us an introduction again as to all about MEST and yeah we did have Entrepreneur in training alumnus who was also part of the recruitment team.

The group task is divided into 2 parts generally but is roughly 3. Two kinds of pitching and debate in teams. All in all, I actually enjoyed it much.

After which came evaluation and shortlisting. Remember is still a recruitment process, people have to go.

When I got called in my head, I didn’t know whether to be terrified or not. I think I was a jumble of emotions. Anyways I got selected to the final stage. Interestingly, I was number one on the list. In my head, I was like why. I hate being called first for things like interviews.

Fast forward to interview time, I went 5 people to one person. Not fair.

In all honesty, I didn’t even notice when my interview had begun cause Natasha started with a normal conversation starter kind of questions. Questions kept on pouring in. Just be prepared my advice to you and be honest. If you don’t know something you don’t know it. Be prepared to be grilled generally and sell yourself. Be yourself. Anticipate curve-ball questions, they can destabilize you and you may not be able to recover. Just be real and keep it short and simple. Time is of the essence. Remember they still have other people to interview and they want the very best.

All in all, I did my best to the best of my capability at that particular period in time even though deep within I knew that was not my best just saying. Perhaps it was because I got destabilize or tense after my curveball question. All in all, I knew I have had better days.

Fast forward to the first week in June, they called the applicants who made it. I didn’t make it. However, I was sort of expecting it. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt though. Even I wouldn’t recruit me if I had been their shoes and I am a difficult recruiter😅.

Would I apply next year? Honestly, only God knows. Anyways, congrats to everyone who made it in. You guys earned it. Enjoy your experience. All in all, I am happy for the experience and to have met such wonderful individuals. I can’t wait to see what you guys would bring to the table.

To future applicants, all the best. I hope I have been of much help to you