Analysis 23/10/2022

Hey Guys…Really boring week for crypto not much happening with price action but that gives us time to prepare for what happens next….

To start off I want to thank you again if you are reading this for the support! If you would like to follow me with the trade updates you can head over to to purchase the indicators they are currently on a 50% sale until October 31st.

To the analysis….


Liquidity Pockets

BTC has traded in a small range for the past few days and has a few short/sell liquidity pockets appearing which can be indicative of a dump to the green liquidity pocket and then get small pump there…This is a likely scenario for Monday after the low volatility of the weekend.

Price vs Money Flow

The money flow (green) has been rapidly declining whilst price has been flat…This could line up will with a bearish divergence if the price increased up into the red sell/short liquidity pocket which would create a rising price and declining money flow…This would support the dump to the liquidity pocket…

Spoof Trend

The spoof trend is showing a slight bearish divergence that again plays into our scenario…we are in a green/buy band but again that is indicative of a move up to create that divergence and enter the short pressure…

Happy Trading :)



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