sic itur ad astra: First Years

I had my first taste of demonstrating VR to the public in 2015 when I showed off a student project ‘Depthless’, which would lead to the dawn of my relationship with Opaque.

Future Assembly 2015

Each time I hit a mile stone, I still find myself fighting off impostor syndrome, I find looking back on where I came from helps to put it all back into perspective.

I have been clearing up a lot of posts on Facebook, this one was really nice to come across, one person who has had a huge impact on my career.

To think how much impact a single person can have on your life…

The maturity that has come with my time in industry is something I am very thankful for. Though, I did the best with what I had at my disposal, until my introspection would lead me to seek help to get my mental state on a correct course.

My own mental state was something I struggled with, even to this day. One thing I did love was the drive I had, I walked away from a life in Brisbane to pursue a dream. When I removed the safety net of family and living at home, it put a certain wind under my wings, a drive I hadn’t had before, I had to prove to everyone, and myself included, that I could do this.

I view my in two sections, everything before 23rd September 2013, and everything after. I regret none of the time I have spent down here in Melbourne over the past five years, but I still find myself having so many regrets about Brisbane, and growing up there. There is so much anxiety with the thoughts of home, people I used to know, and what feels to be so much time wasted.

Those relationships in Brisbane that I burned five years ago, have slowly been mended by just reaching out, and talking about what I’ve gone through. A lot of what I have gone through has been interwoven through projects I’ve created and reasons for the paths I’ve taken.

One project ‘Hermes’, had a lot of anger poured into it, anger for my father, and our relationship, or lack of. Others usually revolved around my anxiety, I hope I can look back on these projects one day, though they are the kind that I can’t bring myself to look at.

But for now, they’ll stay locked up, and maybe I’ll share them with the world one day…

Mitchell Manganaro