My Teeth tell a story

So if you know me personally, you know that I have FUCKED up teeth. Sorry for the language, but that’s probably the only way you can describe them. I use to be really ashamed of my teeth, to the point where I didn’t smile for a while. I remember in 8th grade that no one knew I had braces because my lack of smiling. You probably asking yourself “well if you had braces why are your teeth so FUCKED up”, again that’s the only way you can probably describe them (insert smiley face here). Well yea I did have braces for a long time, maybe snice fourth grade. My mom had a great job and actually could afford to get me braces, my grandma actually lived with us, so it was a double income family and we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. So we had money stacked up, or that’s what I believed … I was young so I really don’t know. I remember when we stopped going to the dentist, low key I was pretty happy because you know, what kind of fourth grader loves the dentist. My mom was having struggles, especially because our grandmother left our crib and it went from stacks of paper to Ramen packets. Meanwhile I still have these braces for another 3 years, serving no purpose. The wire eventually came off and all that was left was the brackets. One day I had enough of these on my teeth, my mom is never going to take me to get it removed. So one day I’m home a bored, and I decided to do some surgery. I had a butter knife and spoon as my tools, low key I thought this operation would remove teeth but I was so determined. So here I go do or die, I take that spoon (I thought this would be better you because it was curved) and put it between my teeth and the brackets. Pull down on the handle and POP…. that shit flew off, check my tooth and it was all good. After that I went to town on the others, and the next thing you know I had no more braces. Felt good to rub my tongue on my teeth, but the story doesn’t have a happy ending. I still don’t have braces my teeth are still fucked up and the glue from the brackets were still on my teeth. Maybe one day these bad boys will get fixed, peace love you all.

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