I remember in school I loved to write and make stories up but when the teachers would grade my stories I always got a C or something average on that paper. Mentally that messed me up, and I was avoiding trying to write all the time. So I’m at a place where I want to conquer this simpleminded subject, I mean it’s just writing how bad can it be and it only helps me learn and speak better. This isn’t what I wanted to talk about in the first place, so let me get on to what I really wanted to say. I have started back up my podcast and I feel great about it, recorded 2 episodes already and posted one up on sound cloud. The reason I stopped before is because I was lazy didn’t have a routine for how things were done. What I mean by that is if you don’t have a routine with a subject or a goal that you have, most likely you will fail at it. That mantra can really translate into life values. I guess the reason I say this, is because I never really had a routine growing up, it was always just first thought in my head that comes up is the first thought served. As a teenager your first thought wasn’t brushing your teeth or take a shower etc. So in turn this built a habit to not be really organized when it came to task, and it set me up for failure. Either it was having bad breath or not getting a job, I think a lot people have this problem and it sucks because they probably don’t know what it is. Not saying that people that don’t have routines everyday of their lives are not successfully, but their lives are chaotic… they have just gotten used to it. In conclusion to be successful at this writing game, or anything else in life, or just life general. I NEED TO HAVE A ROUTINE, every day of the same exact thing that is going to push me towards my goals!