The Power of Boredom

What do you do when you get bored?

For most people the answer is simple, it doesn’t even form as a thought — you pick up your phone.

In your hand you carry the entire world. People’s ideas and thoughts from half a planet away; inspiring and compelling news events; funny pictures of cats.

The only problem is —

These are other people’s ideas and thoughts.

Creativity can be drawn from without or from within as external and internal data fortify and reconcile inside your brain.

Inspiring forces are all around us, and the power and influence these forces carry is something to truly behold.

But in order to quiet the mind and harness the power of our own ideas; we need to let ourselves be bored. Unapologetically, utterly, bored.

Studies have show that boredom can hurt — it can actually, physically, hurt.

But once you embrace the feeling of boredom, you will start to notice something deep inside you bubble up — a true force to be reckoned with.

To put it simply: this force is you, the unfiltered you.

We’re so frightened of being alone with ourselves that we avoid it at almost any cost. Instead we substitute this time with an endless carousel of distraction. We seek inspiration from others without realizing the abundant well of creativity and ideas that sits right here at home. We avoid temporary boredom and miss out on the amazing things it can produce if we give ourselves the chance to fight our way through it; or rather, embrace it.

Boredom is a catalyst for creativity.

If you compel yourself to be bored, your inspiration and your own personal voice will come forward and you will start to speak from your heart, a place you may be unfamiliar with. Every outside influence will play its own part in your creativity, but this time it will be distilled through your lens, making it uniquely yours.

To be able to sit alone with no distractions and be left with nothing but your self, just you and your inner monologue, is a gift.

Make yourself bored for long enough, and something good is bound to be created.

Embrace the Power of Boredom.