A new begin

Hello readers. My first blog and my first time on the app medium. When i was watching the #AskGaryVee show i heard about this app. love the show.

So who am I? My name is Mitchell Slof and I live in the Netherlands. My age is 19 years old and I am a boy that is following the road to succes (and further). The feeling that I have says that I am already succesful. This is not because I am rich (not yet) but because I am happy. I feel great.

Happy is a choice and I choose to be happy. Laugh everyday because I can. At this moment I am writing a blog, look how great that is. First I was only reading blogs and now I am writing one.

Enough of my happiness. The reason I am writing a blog is because I want to inspirate and motivate the world. In my surroundings people say that I have that quality of motivating people, make them laugh.

So one day I started thinking about doing more then just motivate people that are close to me. What I was thinking was sharing this to the world, building an empire. The way i called this is: following the road of my succes to be great. This is my strenght so use it.

I want to be great. This is my ultimate goal and I have written it on paper. Sitting all day on my ass after a nine till five job because paying my bills is a ‘must’, that is just nothing for me. That is not living, that is just being alive and I want to live while I am alive. On the other hand I see people paying the bills with a smile. Pure because they do what they love, they work harder and love it! That is something I want to do. True happiness

Searching for more, I was searching for more. We are living in a moment of live where you can connect so Many people, great people. On the app snapchat I added Some inspirational guys and they learned me a lot. Why don’t use this knowledge? That is the reason why I use the knowledge, because I can.

So 1/2 months ago i started an instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/succesasion/ (give me a follow and a few likes haha) and I want to start a business with it. In my mind I have Some great ideas (I can’t spoil) and I am working hard on it.

On my instagram acount you can see Some great inspirational quote’s. And not the daily quotes you see on Many instagram pages. My own quotes with my own opinion and thought. Going very deep in it with the opinions and thoughts. Also you can see Some lessons about meditation, cold showers and more.

This is my start, working hard everyday, working out every day. Hunting my goals! Did you like the blog? Stay alert for more and comment your feedback! Love the critical feedback because I want to learn and do better. Working on my grammar. Not the best in English language haha. Make sure to follow me on

Instagram: Succesasion (personal account: Mitchellslof)

Snapchat: MitchellSlof

Have a good day!

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