Hi Mitchell.

I agree, it works on paper, however it’ll be a matter of gaining momentum and an engaged following to construct a diverse community… like anything. Converting civil society/engaged citizens onto Medium away from independent news and horizontal social media news-feeds into participation will be the difficult part.

While increasing disenfranchisement with ad based media could help this agenda, I believe Medium/this style of publication should target the emerging graduate population. It represents a great opportunity for idea sharing and opinion based discussions with industry professionals, something a lack of credentials often restricts graduates from participating in.

All we need is forward thinking publications and members of civil society such as The Machinery of Government to remain open and help facilitate discussion framed by articles such as this one. It empowers me greatly as a fresh graduate that my sentiments have received attention… imagine the potential for policy problem solving, democratic based conciseness and action if this conversation had a wider reach!! Keep an eye out and thanks for your help!

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