How Will The Blockchain Technology Impact Mobile Application Community?

Mitchell W. Fox
3 min readAug 6, 2018


As there is an immense competition existing in the current marketplace, startups are struggling to make use of newer technologies to emerge in the competition. One such new technology being used by startups is the blockchain technology. It has been popular since long due to its affiliation with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Now, we can even see the use of blockchain technology in the mobile apps not only for making the transactions fast but also securing the most important information of a user.

Initially, blockchain technology has been well-known for the stable functioning of every cryptocurrency, but now it is also popular as a database that we can use in almost any mobile application. Being a decentralized ledger blockchain tracks the transactions between different parties. This feature of blockchain makes the system very transparent. This technology can integrate multiple areas. Any peer-to-peer transactions in the mobile apps prove to be a natural fit with blockchain technology.

Decentralized apps (DApps) is the other name for the blockchain-based apps. It can disrupt the existing business models markedly by providing lower-cost solutions. It can replace the manual, time-consuming processes to automated processes with the use of blockchain technology.

While including the blockchain technology into the development of a new app, the most important thing for UX/UI designers will be to figure out how they can leverage the key benefits of this technology while providing a simple and perceptive experience to its users.

Blockchain technology is going to have a huge impact on the following:

  • Digital identity
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Banking
  • eHealth
  • Digital voting
  • Smart contracts
  • Digital voting
  • Law

While implementing blockchain technology on the above areas and making a new app for it or updating currently working app into blockchain-based apps, the impact of it must not change the UX/UI of the app. Following are the principles of UX/UI design which one must look at while designing or redesigning an app.

  • Embrace design consistency
  • Control over irreversible errors and actions
  • System feedback
  • High productivity and learnability
  • Design for real-world apps

Advantages Of Blockchain-Based Mobile Apps (DApps)

  • Inherent Security: As DApps rely on a blockchain to store any sensitive data, they are able to guard data against any intrusion.
  • Logical Integration With Cryptocurrency: Bitcoins introduced the technology that DApps depend on.


The upcoming years will observe blockchain technology being built into countless mobile app developments, varying from the supply chain to retail to finance, and many other industries. Coming blockchain era will approach in the foundation of more blockchain development companies. This enhancement will highly provide security to all the latest mobile options for various industries.

Recently, blockchain development companies like OpenXcell are integrating blockchain technology with mobile app development projects, and are expanding the helpful resources for this technology. OpenXcell tuned for the blockchain development demands and is offerings blockchain development services to the global scale businesses across all varied industries.



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