But don’t think they have anything to give.

I get it.

You’re scared; really fucking scared. You’ve spent your whole life nursing the pain of feeling different, like there’s something wrong with you. You’re not like everyone else. Well, you’re right; there is something different, and you’re not like everyone else.

The thing is you’re not numb to the fucked up ways we hurt each other. You’re not blind to the immense suffering people go through on a daily basis, your grief stricken by the ways the system binds and suppresses and kills our very essence. How it imprisons our spirit.

You’ve tried to ignore it.

You have…

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In my last post, I gave you 7 easy steps to interpret your dreams.

We also discussed one key assumption that underlies all of our interpretive work:

The dreamer is always dreaming about the dreamer

Which means that no matter who appears in your dream and no matter what happens, the dream is still talking to you about YOU!

Even if you dream about having sex with your ex (or vice versa, as one reader found out after reading my last post), your subconscious is communicating to you about a certain dynamic or quality latent within you that it would…

Day dreams count too! IG @mitchgainey

I have always been fascinated with dreams and their potential meanings. I grew up in a culture where dreams were paid attention to and their wisdom was taken very seriously. We believed they were messages that spoke to every area of our lives.

Dreams have been an indicator of what is happening at a deeper, more hidden level within me. At pivotal moments, I have been visited by dreams which continue to impact and inform me, providing powerful perspectives and guidance.

In this article, I want to share with you 7 simple steps to begin interpreting the wisdom contained in…

The Revolution of Christmas

Christmas, Singing, and Social Justice

Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash

Tonight on Christmas Eve, thousands, if not millions, of people will gather to sing Christmas Carols. The songs will range from child friendly Jingle Bells, to pop driven All I want for Christmas, to the more traditional and faith inspired hymns like O Come, Emmanuel.

Christmas means many things to many people, yet the original story is one of upheaval, transformation, of embodying inspired ideas.

We are all invited into the work of transmutation; making light out of darkness.

To do this I want to look more closely at a popular…

a deeper look at a familiar story


For many of us Christmas is a time of family, giving, and eating and drinking waaaay to much. With symbols such as Santa, the Christmas Tree, and maybe even the Nativity Scene. Even if we look past the capitalist nature of how we celebrate Christmas in modern times, there are few moments in our modern calendar where we are encouraged to pause and be present to family.

Yet, the Christmas story is inherently a religious one; it’s a story of realignment back to our Soul. …

I think one of the tragedies of our world is how it encourages us to be hard.

Not resilient — hard.

The constant negative news cycle, the sarcastic memes, comedians, actions films etc… they all celebrate a certain quality of hardness, meanness, a “zero fucks” attitude.

And, honestly, I get it.

There is a lot of things in the world which are truly heart breaking.

And they are CONSTANTLY being shoved in our face.

War. Poverty. Sexism. Rape. Suicide. Homo/transphobia. Famine. Racism. Cold-hearted Politics. Climate Change.

Even writing this list, I can sense in my own body a certain tiredness…

Mitch Gainey

Qualified background in Community Development and Transpersonal Counselling. Leadership Consultant and Clinical EFT trainer.

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