An Open Letter to Judaism from an Interfaith Family
Liz Polay-Wettengel

Liz, Thank you for an honest, insightful and so tragic a story…It sounds so much like mine…. I gave up so many times on Judiasm, and yet here I am, two wonderful boys who became Bar Mitzvah over the past three years, a marriage about to come to an end (okay that wasn’t due to Judaism, but it certainly contributed in the way she was treated by some congregants as a non Jew in the temple choir even though she is an opera singer…), yet, I now teach Torah to 3rd and 4th graders, Hebrew to 6th graders, and sacred drumming to future clergy at Hebrew College in Massachusetts, and received s’micha as Drummer of the Holy Temple through Reb Zalman in 2013. I lead services from the drums around the country. I am very distressed at how we Jews seem to build a fence around the Torah rather than expand the size of the tent to invite everyone in who wants to come in… As a leading proponent of inclusiveness — from beliefs to disabilities — in Judaism, I also am a leader in working with issues of conflict in synagogues — visit to learn more… I want to learn more about your efforts too~!